Dry Pro Waterproof Prosthetic Protector has you Covered

July 24, 2013

Live Summer to the Fullest with Dry Pro!

“I lost my leg in 1993, in a car accident, I was 14. I have since grown, become a nurse, a wife, and mother of 3. My daughters watch me, and I always try to hold my head proud and do everything I can/want. I want them to see that I don’t let being an amputee hold me back. I have a pool at home, and we go swim on vacation, I do without a leg, and don’t have too much trouble. Every year though, we go to the beach, and I wear a rain boot on my prosthesis to protect it. After a few hours, I am hot and miserable and ready to go. The kids never complain, we just always go back to the pool. I bought the swim cover this summer. I went in the ocean for the first time in 22 years. I kept me feet in the water all day, I played in the sand with my daughters, I stood in the waves with my husband, I soaked up sun, and wind, and salt water for hours. I cannot explain the excitement that my girls had at me being in the water, and playing in the sand with them. They screamed, they squealed, and my almost teenager said, “Mom, I don’t think I have ever been more proud or excited for you”. I had an incredible day, and cannot wait to try out more wet things that I have been missing out on. Thank you, for memories, for chances, and for a great new adventure!

Waterproof prosthetic

Here’s my favorite picture of the day! Never been able to leave my feet in the sand and not worry if the tide was coming in!”


Swim in the Ocean with Dry Pro Waterproof Prosthetic Protetor

July 23, 2013

“Thank you so much for giving me my freedom of water back!!!! I lost my leg in 2004 in a car wreck and although I have been in the water I am limited, going against my leg guy I got in the ocean in 2005 and ended up getting caught in current and actually lost my prosthetic in the ocean, funny and strange by true!!!! With the Dry Pro I went to a water park yesterday and was almost in tears coming down the watersides!!!! We are going back in two weeks and I’m gonna have someone record me on the swings!!! I will be sure to send to u!!! Again thanks!!!” 

-Krystal N.

DP Prosthetic

Swim with your Prothestic Leg: Dry Pro Waterproof Prosethetic Covers offer the Best Protection for Prosthetics!

June 25, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADry Pro has saved many summers, vacations and increased the quality of life for thousands of happy customers. The DryPro Prosthetic cover offers a tan color designed to blend in for outdoor use. It also provides a new tapered top that can be trimmed for a comfortable secure custom fit. In addition, the Dry Pro for prosthetic comes with a 1 year replacement guarantee!

“I use this prosthetic cover for showering. I love that I can stand up in the shower again! The cover is easy to put on and stays on throughout my shower, no problem. “

By: Mulligan Dog from Crimora, VA

“I have used this product for many years, and I have never had a complaint. I highly recommend this product, regardless of your level(s) of amputation”

By: Snow White The Amputee from Falls Church, VA