A Broken Bone Doesn’t Have to Ruin your Summer – DryPro Can Help!

July 25, 2013

Customers love DryPro and we love our customers!

“Our little girl Autumn (age 5) broke her arm camping.  She was crushed assuming the rest of her summer was ruined.  Immediately, we asked around and everyone we knew told us about Drypro.  Drypro within 24 hours had a cover sent to us where we were on vacation!  The beauty for us is nothing we had planned or had hoped to do has been change.  She is playing, swimming, crawling the creek, and jumping in the splash park with her brother once again!”

Dry Pro Arm Cast Cover


Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Cover Testimonial

July 8, 2013

DP Lori K

“Here she is age 6 with a dry pro covering her arm and cast that has 2 pins in! She was paddling herself towards her big sister and cousins in the lake on a hot summer day! It was a fight to get her to wear it she has autism so being different is something she doesn’t like. But soon Lexi was in and enjoying the water like nothing was wrong! She called it her hermit crab arm!”

-Lori K.

Don’t Miss Out on Summer Fun Just Because you Broke your Arm or Leg – Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Covers will keep a Cast Dry!

July 2, 2013

Dry Pro Waterproof covers allow individuals with broken bones to swim in their cast all summer long! Craig didn’t miss out on a second of fun during his summer vacation.

Craig 1

Dealing with a Broken Bone on your Summer Vacation? Dry Pro Allows you to Swim with a Cast!

June 20, 2013

RelaxLife becomes depressing and monotonous after accidents like fractures. Even more so for those who are fond of water like swimmers,  sportsmen, kids etc, it is awful to remain aloof from all such water related activities for days and in some cases for months. Even by covering the broken area by a normal cover, one cannot enjoy water contact. Not anymore!

The Dry Pro Waterproof cast cover fits over a broken bone and vacuum seals to make it completely waterproof, sand castle proof, water slide proof, summer camp proof, diving board proof, swim practice proof, … you get the idea. DRY PRO WORKS!

Other cast covers products do not offer the same waterproof guarantee as the Dry Pro

Still on the fence? Read reviews from real customers who purchased the product on Amazon. Go ahead. We have nothing to cover..except your cast!!!