DryPro Waterproof Cast Saves Another Summer Vacation!!!

July 22, 2013

I wanted to thank you for saving our vacation. My eleven year old son broke his leg one week before leaving for the beach. He is currently in a full leg cast. I’m a pediatric nurse, and I immediately started looking for cover options. I’m so thankful that I came across DryPro. He was able to swim and keep sand out of his cast. I have already recommended your products to other patients and families. Thank you!”

-Kimberly W.

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DryPro Saved Our Summer!

April 22, 2013

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“Poor Caleb has been in a cast or a boot pretty much since January and now he’s got the other leg in a cast. This is the happiest I’ve seen him doing physical things since Christmas. He was ecstatic to be out with his brothers, especially since the air conditioning couldn’t keep up with the heat!

Caleb is a huge football player with an even more huge cast – and he was swimming in a lake – where there’s all sorts of stuff about. I see that as the extreme conditions to try this under.We had an itty bitty little girl with a big cast all the way to a big guy in a huge cast — and everyone is still completely dry! 

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What a blessing this thing has been!

Well, they saved our summer! 

Thework! Wonderfully!

You can find the full blog post at Raising Real Men

Broken Legs and Weekend Getaways!

October 23, 2012

DryPro: Saving Weekend Getaways and Mom’s Sanity!
“We just used this on our sons broken leg.  It worked like a charm!!!!  At first I was skeptical but it stayed dry.  I am so glad I found this ,  it saved our weekend getaway and allowed my son to do one of his favorite activities.  Thanks for a great product!!

From a happy mom”

DRYPro Testimonial: Saving Summers…It what we do!

June 25, 2012

My daughter broke her arm at her 5th birthday party  one week before we left for the beach. We were devastated that she was going to miss out on the ocean and the pool. Then we heard about your product and researched it online. I bought two to take to the beach even though I was still skeptical. However the testimonials were fairly impressive so we gave it a shot and this product saved our vacation! She swam all week in the ocean and the pool. She also used it to play in the sand so she didn’t get sand in the cast. When we came home we had an appointment and they downsized her from a full arm cast to a forearm cast. When they took the old one off the cast was bone dry inside and out! AMAZING! I don’t even know how to say thank you. I gave your brochures to our orthopedist office and am going to tell everyone about your product. I also want to thank Bob, your customer service rep who had a cover sent to us in no time so that we would have it for our vacation. The customer service was like nothing you hear of in this day and age. Thank you!!

Thank youuu Michelle! 🙂

“I can’t thank you enough!”

May 3, 2011

“I can’t thank you enough. I have a cast on my left leg for the 3rd time this year. I’ve fought with every cast protector I have found- they’re hard to get on and dangerously slippery on the bottom. I am SO glad I found your website! The the next time I took a shower the cast protector slid on effortlessly and the seal held perfectly. I love the fact that I am 53 years old and I don’t have to worry about slipping in the shower with your non-slip bottom. I can’t thank you enough for your marvelous product. I can once again take a shower and feel clean! It is amazing the simple things you take for granted in life until you can’t do them.”


Debbie from Michigan

A long overdue thank you for your product. It worked perfect!

April 11, 2011

“Dear DryPro,

This is a long overdue thank you for your product. My daughter Emma, age 13, broke her arm back in March, 2008 while rollerblading.  When the cast tech took her cast off, she told us her daughter broke her wrist right before camp and they bought your product.  I said I wished I knew about this before.  Well, six weeks out of the cast she broke it again, at a friend’s house, jumping off a swing.  This happened two weeks before our trip to Morocco- staying right on the Mediterranean.  Of course the doctor said not to get it wet, especially in another country because it could get infected under the  cast, etc.  Well, we bought the cast sleeve anyway, and it worked perfect!  Not one drop of water got to the cast!  As you can see by the pictures she played in the sand, jumped the waves, and swam in the pool at the hotel.  When I see someone in a cast I make sure to tell them of your product, that it is worth the price!  Thank you again!”

Ruth Ann Kreider

I thought for sure our summer was going to be in ruins.

August 10, 2009
This is my 5 yr old Alicia Slocum.  She broke her arm while playing with an exercise ball with a friend of ours.  I thought for sure our summer was going to be in ruins.  We were in the process of moving and I was going to spend a whole month at my grandmother’s who lives right near Lake Erie and also has a pool right in her backyard.  Alicia is part fish I think so I thought what could be more fun.  I was so thrilled when I discovered your product.  The customer service I got from Beri was above excellent.  She talked me through my difficulties of getting the cover on and even sent me a new one when I accidentally ripped it.  We had a blast this summer thanks to Alicia’s DryPro.  We tell everyone we meet with a cast on about your product.  Can’t thank you enough!
Mrs. Stephanie Slocum
Cast Cover at Lake Erie