Advice for Dealing with a Summertime Fracture and Staying Active in a Cast

July 19, 2013

IMG_3424Despite best intentions, breaks still happen. But, that does not mean your child is destined to be a couch potato. To keep your children active, even with a cast, the best solutions are utilizing products to help cover and protect a cast. Dry Pro is the best cast cover on the market. Out waterproof cast covers help diminish the boredom and discomfort associated with a bone break during the summer season. These orthopedic products allow children the opportunity to stay active with.

If your child suffers from a summertime fracture and ends up in a cast, splint, sling, boot or brace, we have gear that can keep them active.

Summer vacation includes many activities centered on the beach and other water fun. When dealing with a cast in the summer, the best way to ensure an active lifestyle is the correct type of water protection. DryPro is  the industry standard for waterproof cast protectors. DryPro products give anyone wearing a cast the freedom to get in the pool or go the beach or water-park.


How Do You Keep Your Foot Dry After Major Foot Surgery

July 15, 2013

If you’re undergoing a major foot surgery then you’re very aware just how important it is to keep the dressing completely dry. This is because bacteria thrive in a moist environment, and a fresh surgical incision is very vulnerable to infection. Keeping your foot dry makes hygiene a challenge, doesn’t it?

Not with Dry Pro!!

The Dry Pro is completely watertight keeping your bandages and casts dry.  The Dry Pro offers the only leg and arm cast protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep your bandage or cast dry.

The Dry Pro cover is also used for immediate postoperative physical therapy, allowing hydrotherapy right after surgery, which helps prevent swelling and stiffness and aids in a speedy recovery.  The Dry Pro is used by at all levels of physical therapy, including head NFL trainers, Major league teams all over the country and at the collegiate level as well.

Broken Bones during Summer Vacation

May 15, 2013

As a parent, it can be heartbreaking to see your child go through the pain and disappointment that can come with a broken bone during summer break, when all their friends are having fun in the great outdoors.  Nearly 42% of all pediatric fractures are to the forearm and hand, often due to extending their arms to prevent a fall. The DRYPro product line can help diminish the disappointment of a summertime broken bone and allow kids the opportunity to continue to participate in many of the same activities as their friends.  The DRYPro gives kids the freedom to get back in the water! It’s made with a durable, high-durable surgical latex fabric for arm and leg casts so they don’t have to be afraid to jump in the pool or go to the waterpark or beach!  Even if your child suffers a fracture and ends up in a cast, splint, sling, boot or brace despite your best efforts, DRYPro will keep them going.