DryPro PICC Line Protector is a completely waterproof, vacuum sealed, now latex free protector that fits over your PICC Line to keep it dry and secure.  If you are receiving infusion therapy for antibiotics, chemotherapy, hydration, or TPN (total parental nutrition), and have a PICC line our product you’ll be able to take a relaxing and refreshing shower, bathe, and even swim. Vascular Access health care professionals, infusion nurses and home infusion companies are using our PICC protector to keep their patients level of health and quality of life high.

Dry Pro provides waterproof cast and bandage covers, waterproof PICC line covers, waterproof ostomy covers, and waterproof prosthetic protection.  Dry Corp, LLC  is committed to helping people with casts due to broken arms and broken legs; patients with PICC lines due to Lyme’s disease, Infusion therapy, Chemotherapy, and other Infection Diseases; those who have ostomy, iliostomy and crohn’s; and any amputee with a prosthetic leg.


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  1. Katie says:

    Did you know?

    The DryPro PICC line/Infusion Protector’s Target Audience:

    1. All Physicians with Emphasis on:

    a. Infectious Disease Doctors (antibiotic therapy)
    b. Oncologists (chemotherapy infusions, hydration, blood products and lab draws)
    c. Cardiologists (Dobutamine infusions, Lasix injections)
    d. Orthopedic Surgeons (antibiotic therapy and pain management)
    e. Gastroenterologists
    f. Family Practice and Internal Medicine (IV fluids for dehydration, Vitamin therapy)

    2. Infusion Companies (providers for all people requiring infusion therapy at home)
    (Option Care, Caremark, IV Solutions, Walgreens Infusion Departments etc.)

    3. Case Managers of all Insurance Companies
    4. Members of hospital based VATS. (Vascular Access Teams)
    5. Interventional Radiologists at all hospitals and clinics

    The DryPro PICC line/Infusion Protector:

    a. significantly decreases the risk of infection by keeping moisture out (moisture breeds bacteria)
    b. decreases the risk of pulling PICC out by accident when bathing
    c. allows freedom to bathe, shower and be at the beach (increases patient satisfaction)
    d. decreases cost to insurance companies by not having to replace PICC

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