The DryPro Ostomy protector, like all of our products, is completely waterproof and has a watertight vacuum seal.  While wearing the protector you are able to take a worry free shower, a bath, and even an active swim. The DryPro is made of durable high quality surgical latex.  After having put on the ostomy protector, the pump sucks out the air so that the ostomy protector can’t come off and most importantly: the ostomy pouch stays completely dry and secure.  Not only is this product highly durable it is also reusable.  No longer have fears of getting your ostomy wet or damaging it.  For those with an ostomy the DryPro Ostomy Protector can make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

Dry Pro provides waterproof cast and bandage covers, waterproof PICC line covers, waterproof ostomy covers, and waterproof prosthetic protection.  Dry Corp, LLC is committed to helping people with casts due to broken arms and broken legs; patients with PICC lines due to Lyme’s disease, Infusion therapy, Chemotherapy, and other Infection Diseases; those who have ostomy, iliostomy and crohn’s; and any amputee with a prosthetic leg.


2 Responses to Ostomy

  1. Jan says:

    I’m helping my sister with an iliostomy that is infected and raw from changing her ring and removing the paste so often. She has created a site that can hardly be dealt with. Her stoma bleeds and she doesn’t even how how she’ll get to the Dr.
    She is a mess.
    Does this unit last for hours or longer? How would it work to relieve her from wearing her usual bags, ring and paste?
    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. For weeks after my ileostomy,I found that the hardest thing to deal with was taking care of my skin. This is what helped heal my skin. I would take a long shower,using a detachable shower-head that could make a circular spay of water;therefore,avoiding the actual stoma itself.The warm water gently massaged the skin around the stoma,increasing the blood flow to the area(to hurry the healing process),and soothed my burning & itching skin. After the shower, I used a blow dryer to gently dry the area, while I stood over a tall plastic trash can & used lots of Kleenex(holding it under my stoma to catch any leakage). I then lay on my side on an area of my bed that I had covered with plastic-backed liners. I kept the skin exposed for about 1/2 hour to a lamp with a 40 watt bulb. I kept clean Kleenex under the stoma.or used Q-tips to temporarily plug the stoma opening. Then, making sure that my skin was still absolutely clean&dry,I used Karaya powder on it,which I sealed on the skin,by dabbing Skin Prep on top. I used my blow dryer on the area,then applied another layer of Karaya & Skin Prep. When dry, I put my disposable Hollister bag on. When I changed the bag in a day or two, my skin would have miraculously healed underneath the tape. It was very important to catch a leak ASAP, remove the old bag,& repeat the shower/open air&low heat skin exposure. I think Karaya is a miracle healing powder!! Also,after surgery,my body was lacking so many vitamins,minerals,etc.,that I took liquid supplements. Check with your doctor. I think vitamins C,E,A,K,B complex(esp. biotin & niacin), along with the minerals selenium,copper,zinc, & essential fatty acids(Omega 3 & Omega 6) are good. I was also very low in potassium,which the doctor prescribed. If you’ve been inside for a long time,your vitamin D is probably low. I recently read that lysine helped relieve skin inflammation. Anyway, my final thoughts are that your sister’s skin needs exposure to fresh air & very low heat, instead of being enclosed in plastic. I hope this email reaches you,and that you & your sister find it helpful. I think that it is wonderful that you are being such a big help to your sister. Is there an enterstomal therapist at the hospital where your sister was operated on?? The doctor knows how to do the operation,but is not well-informed about post-op skin conditions. The post-op experts are other ostomates, enterstomal nurses(or therapists),and,usually, at least one of the employees at an ostomy supply store. I wish that I had seen your email earlier in the summer. It’s been 2 1/2 months since you posted, and I pray that you received some earlier advice. The summer heat can sometimes cause sweating and heat rashes beneath the bag. I hope that all is well with your family.

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