Memorial Day Weekend is Here! Don’t Let a Cast Ruin your Plans!

Memorial Day Weekend is here which means time for a much needed beach vacation! Planning for vacation itself can be stressful, but what if you or your child has broken a bone and is stuck in a cast?? Luckily, DRYPro can save your memorial day weekend. Our line of waterproof cast protectors keep cast, wounds, stitches and injuries clean, dry and totally protected at the beach. If you or someone you  know will be in a cast this weekend or this summer, tell them about DryPro!

Read these testimonies from customers who are glad they found Dry Pro:

Great Product, March 12, 2013

By Betsy Polgue

“Bought this for a neighbor who had had carpal tunnel surgery. Works great for her to take showers without fear of getting cast wet.”

Worked like a charm, January 27,2013

By Mark Elkington

“Went down south with a broken wrist that had a cast. This cast cover worked perfectly. I went snorkeling a few times and the cast was completely dry.”

Dry Pro Cast Cover, May 30,2012

By Jillbert (St. Paul, MN)

“I purchased this for myself to use following surgery on my hand.
It worked very well. I never got the cast wet in the six weeks I had it on.
It made showering very easy. Thanks”

12 Weeks in a cast, May 15, 2013

By Melanie Prell

“I bought one and had it about two weeks and decided to buy one more just encase something happened to it. It is durable and it works. I have been in my cast now for 9 weeks and I have been in the hot tub almost every night! Showers are no problem. It is made of heavy duty material and when you suck all the air out of it you can do just about any water sport. I would and have recommended this to all my friends. Thank you!”

Great Product!, May 12 2013

By Paul & Cindy Koprowski

“This product worked great. It was easy to get on and off and completely sealed out water. Much better than tape and a garbage bag. Very durable and easy to use.”

Works Great, May 9, 2013

By Jim Detroit

“Just what I needed. It was hard to take a shower the plastic bags do not work. Always seem to get water in but not with this it kept my foot dry. Great buy well worth it.”

Worked great!, August 22, 2012

By Cindy

“I broke my wrist 2 weeks before our beach trip. I was able to get in the ocean, and my cast never got wet. Even being knocked around by the waves- never got wet. Great for the shower too. Definitely worth every penny”


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