Broken Arm 2 Weeks Before Hawaii Vacation?!

DRYPro Saves Vacations! February 21, 2013

“2 weeks before our trip to Hawaii, my 8 y/o broke her arm and had pins inserted with a fiberglass cast over it. This Dry Pro cover saved the day! It worked perfectly. We were hyper-sensitive to water getting into the sleeve due the pins in her arm and the certain infection if we got the incision wet. We tried it on her good arm first to get us all comfortable with it. No problems. It worked flawlessly. She suctions out the air in a few seconds and wore it for the recommended 45min per swim.
Water slides, fully underwater. No problems.
Highly recommended!”



2 Responses to Broken Arm 2 Weeks Before Hawaii Vacation?!

  1. Christine says:

    Help, my son broke his arm last night. Full arm cast. Leaving for Hawaii in 4 weeks. Doesn’t want to go because he can’t swim, etc. is there hope?

    • dryproblog says:

      There is hope! Our full arm cast cover will keep your son’s cast completely dry and will save your Hawaiian vacation.

      In order to ensure accurate sizing, there are two measurements that you need to take. First, the circumference 1-2 inches above the top of the cast. The second measurement needed is the length from the fingertips to the point at which you take the circumference. Our will help you determine the accurate size once you have those measurements!

      If you have any questions, please feel free to call 910-791-0009 or visit for more information.

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