Protect your Broken Bone from Water and Sand at the Beach

May 31, 2013

Dry Pro waterproof cast covers are the best product on the market for protecting a broken arm or leg at the beach. The latex sleeve easily fits over a cast, wound or bandage and gives people with fractures, amputations or wounds the opportunity to shower, swim and enjoy their beach vacation!!! See what people are saying about the leading brand of waterproof cast covers.

Saved our Vacation!

By:Susan Eagle

“My 10 year old broke her wrist 4 days before we were to go on vacation. This was easy to pack and allowed her to play happily in the pool with her brothers.”

Worked Perfect!

By: Johanna R. Thompson (Spokane, WA)

“I used this in Mexico over my cast for thumb surgery. It was pretty slick!”

Waterproof Cast Cover

By: Hoku

“Great product. Keeps cast dry. Easy to put on and take off. Glad I purchased it for my son who had a cast on his left hand up to his wrist. If he wanted to swim, he could totally do so with this cover on.”

Love the Product!

By: Sandra

“Kept my child’s cast nice and dry for a month, while bathing and showering! We used the same company before, for a leg cast. Would recommend anytime!”




Waterproof Cast, Bandage or Prosthetic Protector by DRYPro

May 29, 2013

cast at the beachDry Pro was developed by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Roy Arch. Dry Pro is the only waterproof cast, bandage or prosthetic protector that allow you to be totally submerged under water! That’s right. UNDER WATER. You can even go snorkeling with your cast on and feel totally protected! Dry Pro is made of a thick, surgical latex material that’s durable and has a non-skid sole.

Vacuum sealed and air tight, you can enjoy swimming, diving, bathing, showering, even wash your car or dog! Couldn’t participate in all those other fun activities because you tried the less expensive plastic covers that are cumbersome, too much of a hassle to put on, or don’t provide a tight seal? Well, now patients enjoy healing with hydrotherapy, amputees are allowed to boat, swim and be water bound, and even diabetics enjoy the pleasures of being in the water again, while staying absolutely dry!

What’s more, even bathing or showering gives you a firm grip handling soap or shampoo bottles, and the non-skid sole on the Dry Pro allows you to walk around the shower or climb the pool ladder without any thought of slipping! Walk on your deck in total confidence that you’re safe from falling on wet, slippery surfaces, and totally protected from the splash on water.

“I would like to say that we are very glad that we had the Dry Pro case, as it saved our summer. “


Enjoy the Water with DRYPro

May 28, 2013

Gabriella was born with severe bilateral club feet. She has been swimming since she was born and is now is the youngest one on the swim team. She was told she’d have to stay out of the water for all her casting pre and post surgery (9 weeks), but DRYPro allowed her to keep doing what she loved!

Memorial Day Weekend is Here! Don’t Let a Cast Ruin your Plans!

May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend is here which means time for a much needed beach vacation! Planning for vacation itself can be stressful, but what if you or your child has broken a bone and is stuck in a cast?? Luckily, DRYPro can save your memorial day weekend. Our line of waterproof cast protectors keep cast, wounds, stitches and injuries clean, dry and totally protected at the beach. If you or someone you  know will be in a cast this weekend or this summer, tell them about DryPro!

Read these testimonies from customers who are glad they found Dry Pro:

Great Product, March 12, 2013

By Betsy Polgue

“Bought this for a neighbor who had had carpal tunnel surgery. Works great for her to take showers without fear of getting cast wet.”

Worked like a charm, January 27,2013

By Mark Elkington

“Went down south with a broken wrist that had a cast. This cast cover worked perfectly. I went snorkeling a few times and the cast was completely dry.”

Dry Pro Cast Cover, May 30,2012

By Jillbert (St. Paul, MN)

“I purchased this for myself to use following surgery on my hand.
It worked very well. I never got the cast wet in the six weeks I had it on.
It made showering very easy. Thanks”

12 Weeks in a cast, May 15, 2013

By Melanie Prell

“I bought one and had it about two weeks and decided to buy one more just encase something happened to it. It is durable and it works. I have been in my cast now for 9 weeks and I have been in the hot tub almost every night! Showers are no problem. It is made of heavy duty material and when you suck all the air out of it you can do just about any water sport. I would and have recommended this to all my friends. Thank you!”

Great Product!, May 12 2013

By Paul & Cindy Koprowski

“This product worked great. It was easy to get on and off and completely sealed out water. Much better than tape and a garbage bag. Very durable and easy to use.”

Works Great, May 9, 2013

By Jim Detroit

“Just what I needed. It was hard to take a shower the plastic bags do not work. Always seem to get water in but not with this it kept my foot dry. Great buy well worth it.”

Worked great!, August 22, 2012

By Cindy

“I broke my wrist 2 weeks before our beach trip. I was able to get in the ocean, and my cast never got wet. Even being knocked around by the waves- never got wet. Great for the shower too. Definitely worth every penny”

Happy Son, Relieved Family and Lots of Saved Money!

May 22, 2013

DRYPro saves another vacation to Maui!

“Our son broke his arm just before a long-planned vacation to Maui. We considered postponing the trip. Instead, we ordered this device. Result: happy son, relieved and happy family, lots of saved money.

As many other reviews have noted, it’s important to use the (supplied) sleeve to cover any sharp edges, and to work on the fit. However, the DRYPro is a very robust device made of a thick rubbery material. Our kid clambered around in the surf on fairly sharp rocks without damaging it, not that we’d endorse that. We also had excellent support from the vendors.

All in all: highly recommended”       -Dr. Andrew C. Orr

Dry Pro Exhibiting Line of Waterproof PICC Protectors at 2013 INS Annual Convention and Industrial Exhibition in Charlotte, NC

May 21, 2013
Dry Pro

Modeling DRYPro PICC line protectors at INS booth 222

The 2013 INS Annual Convention and Industrial Exhibition in Charlotte is six days of powerful education sessions, three days of exhibits with industry leaders, and amazing networking opportunities. This year over 1000 infusion professionals from nearly 20 countries are scheduled to attend. The DRYPro sales team is exhibiting at booth # 222.

INS was founded in 1973 when 17 nurses and one technician, included founders Ada Plumer and Marguerite Knight, met at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland to organize a professional organization of registered nurses involved in the administration of intravenous therapy. After two days of hard work and deep discussion, they formed NITA, the National Intravenous Therapy Association. A few months later, they would hold their first Annual convention in Durham, North Carolina, with 50 nurses in attendance. By the end of the year, they counted 400 members across 40 states.

Today, INS has 7,000 infusion therapy professionals from more than 50 countries as members. There have been many advances in the specialty since 1983. Practices that were common during INS’s early days, such as glass bottles holding intravenous medications, are viewed as archaic today. It is because of this society, the volunteer leaders, and dedicated members that the infusion specialty is what it is today.

Waterproof cast cover – A Little Mermaid Party Saver

May 17, 2013

We love cruising Amazon to read reviews by happy customers who bought the DRYPro. Today, we stumbled upon this review and we felt we had to share it on our blog.

mermaidA Little Mermaid Party Saver 🙂

By Lindsey Jo Houts

” This was a pool party saver! For my daughters birthday she wanted to be a mermaid and have a pool party. I sent out invitations and custom ordered a mermaid tail. 2 weeks before the party she broke her arm. We were devastated! We thought we’d have to call off the whole thing. I saw this and decided it was worth a try. It arrived 2 days after I order it and works great. I did put a tube sock over her cast to absorb any moisture that might have got in. She swam for 4 hours and her cast stayed perfectly dry. Her birthday wish came true , to be a mermaid for the day, thanks to this cast cover :)”