PICC Protector makes showering much easier

Made my life so much EASIER!, November 7, 2012

By: I amazon all the time! (USA)

What a wonderful invention…just what I needed!

I’ve been using this every day for more than 2 weeks (15+ uses). Completely dry picc line and dressing. Easy to put on, easy to take off. I could easily swim in this. I bend my arm before pumping. The fact that it’s pretty tight has allowed it to be impossible to leak. If you do not have it tight enough (wrong size or you cut too much to make fit, it would leak, which would explain the negative reviews). However, if this is tight enough…..no chance water can get in a tight seal. I don’t even need to use the pump since it’s such a snug fit. Has made my showering so much easier and hassle free. Good bye to the press in seal (which often broke the seal)


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