PICC Protector makes showering much easier

April 29, 2013

Made my life so much EASIER!, November 7, 2012

By: I amazon all the time! (USA)

What a wonderful invention…just what I needed!

I’ve been using this every day for more than 2 weeks (15+ uses). Completely dry picc line and dressing. Easy to put on, easy to take off. I could easily swim in this. I bend my arm before pumping. The fact that it’s pretty tight has allowed it to be impossible to leak. If you do not have it tight enough (wrong size or you cut too much to make fit, it would leak, which would explain the negative reviews). However, if this is tight enough…..no chance water can get in a tight seal. I don’t even need to use the pump since it’s such a snug fit. Has made my showering so much easier and hassle free. Good bye to the press in seal (which often broke the seal)


DRYPro Exhibiting at INS Annual Convention and Exhibition

April 26, 2013


DRYPro is registered to attend the INS annual convention & industrial exhibition May 18th-23rd. For 40 years, the INS convention has been the largest convention of infusion nursing professionals in the United States, drawing between 1000-1200 professional attendees each year. It is a six-day education programming, three days of which include dedicated exhibit hall hours. DRYPro will be exhibiting our line of waterproof PICC line protectors.  The INS event will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center. Stop by and see us!

Keep Swimming With DRYPro

April 25, 2013

DRYPro swimming

“My daughter, Gabriella, was born with severe bilateral club feet. She has been swimming since she was born and is now is the youngest one on the swim team. We were told she’d have to stay out of the water for all her casting pre and post surgery (9 weeks).

Here’s a short video of the finish of a
200 (8 lengths) freestyle.
So happy that my daughter is still able to do her favorite thing. Thank you DRYPro”

DRYPro Customer Photo Contest

April 23, 2013

Dry pro girl

Broken Bones are a bummer especially for kids, but DRYPro is making having broken limbs a lot more fun. If you have a picture or a great story to tell of a child in a cast, DRYPro wants to see it! The entrant with the most creative photo or story wins! Submit your picture by June 15th, 2013 and you  could be eligible to win a Nintendo 3DS!

Entering the contest is simple. Log onto Facebook and “like” DRYPro; post a picture or video of your child using the DRYPro, and then wait to see if you have won. What are you waiting for? Log on and post your pictures now! Questions call us at 888-337-9776 or email us at info@drycorp.com


DryPro Saved Our Summer!

April 22, 2013

blog 3

“Poor Caleb has been in a cast or a boot pretty much since January and now he’s got the other leg in a cast. This is the happiest I’ve seen him doing physical things since Christmas. He was ecstatic to be out with his brothers, especially since the air conditioning couldn’t keep up with the heat!

Caleb is a huge football player with an even more huge cast – and he was swimming in a lake – where there’s all sorts of stuff about. I see that as the extreme conditions to try this under.We had an itty bitty little girl with a big cast all the way to a big guy in a huge cast — and everyone is still completely dry! 

blog 2

What a blessing this thing has been!

Well, they saved our summer! 

Thework! Wonderfully!

You can find the full blog post at Raising Real Men

Keep Your Picc Line Dry with DryPRO

April 19, 2013


PICC Pump Out 3

One of the most common complication risks occurring in home care situations is infection. Typically the infection source is directly related to the dressing, which covers the PICC insertion site, because it gets wet. However, this risk can now be greatly minimized, if not avoided altogether, with the use of a waterproof Dry Pro PICC Protector.

Maintaining a clean and dry dressing is paramount to a continued well functioning PICC line. Dressings must be changed every 7 days minimum. However, if the dressing becomes wet from water or perspiration, soiled or looses integrity, it must be changed at that time

PICC line dressings often become wet during bathing or showering. Even the most protected dressing is susceptible during bathing. Once wet, moisture and body heat become the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. As many PICC lines are inserted to treat infections at home with intravenous antibiotics, treating a secondary infection from a moist dressing can pose additional threat of additional hospitalization and longer antibiotic therapy.

But now there is a mechanism that will prevent the PICC dressing from getting wet during bathing or showering. The Dry Pro PICC Protector provides waterproof protection that even allows swimming and water sports. Invented by Dr. Roy Archambault DPM, once the flexible sleeve is placed over the dressing and PICC, a uniquely designed vacuum creates a water tight seal allowing the patient to bathe and shower freely as well as participate in swimming activities that may be important to their exercise regime. The protector is individually tailor made to provide the perfect fit for the individual’s arm that resists removal even when not inflated.

Normalcy of life is a documented boost for healing. Bathing, showering, and swimming (especially now that summer is approaching), with minimal worry about the risk to the PICC line dressing because it can now be waterproofed, can make the difference between expected and dreaded treatment time and possible complications versus expected treatment without complications. And remember – most complications stem from wet dressings.

Dry Pro is highly recommended by PICC Line Nursing. More information and tips on how to care for your PICC lines can be found on their website at   http://picclinenursing.com/picc_why.html


Vacation saved with DRYPro Waterproof Cast Covers and Protectors

April 17, 2013

Thank you so much! We got the cast protector 2 hours ago and it works beautifully! My 12 year old daughter is so happy to be able to swim with confidence, your product saved the vacation for us.

Maine Mom