NFL goes Dry Pro

January 28, 2013

What do the Steelers, Giants, Saints, Ravens and Eagles all have in common besides football?


They all train with Dry Pro! 

These teams all realized the potential of our product with helping their players have a speedy recovery in the aqua therapy facilities.  Each team has had tremendous success within the last decade with Super Bowl wins for all.

In one week, the Ravens will be in the Super Bowl and, with the help of Dry Pro, all of their players will be ready to take on the 49ers. Good luck to both teams this year!!







DryPro Saves Christmas Vacation

January 15, 2013

Andrew’s injury didn’t stop him from getting wet during his vacation to Mexicodry pro3

My son broke his thumb playing hockey.  When he was told no hockey for six weeks, he was disappointed.  We were going to Mexico in January.  He loves the water.  When he found out he had to have surgery and pins that would be exposed and could not go in the water, he was very sad.  I spoke to his plastic surgeon who recommended a cover out there with a pump that sucks the air out but couldn’t direct me where to get it.  So online I went.., I purchased it and received it within two days over the Christmas Holidays.  He wore it several times a day in the pool and in the ocean during that week.  He even went snorkeling.  No water got in whatsoever.  I can’t thank you enough!!!  You made his vacation.  Sending you a sincere thanks from Andrew.

Dry Pro 2

Dry Pro 1