DryPro Loves saving Summers!

All of our customers are so happy they found out about our product in time to save their summer vacation. Check out what this customer has to say:
I would like to extend a great big thank you to your company for such a great product. My daughter broke her arm one week before our 9 day beach vacation that we had all been looking forward to so much. I googled “waterproof cast cover” and Dry Pro is what I got. I ordered it with great suspicion after watching the you tube videos I found . Initially it was a bit difficult to get on her cast , a full cast from hand to almost shoulder but with practice it was a breeze!! I can honestly say that it performed flawlessly!!! Not a single leak or drop of water and she did ALOT of swimming. So thank you again for such a great product- I will be attaching a few pictures I took while on our trip. It well worth twice what the price is and it saved our vacation!!!!

Sincerely ,
Thomas J Baity

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