Having a Blast when your Kid has a Cast!

February 28, 2012

The Happy Family Movement did a piece on Having a Blast when your Kid has a Cast. The DryPro cast cover was in the mix of things to help your kid have a blast! Take a look at the article to see how DryPro helped them and see what else you can do to help your kid have a blast too! Click here for the article.



February 24, 2012

Get ready to vote for DryPro to GET ON THE SHELF! Voting starts March 7th. Please help DryPro get on Walmart’s shelves! Click here to vote!


February 6, 2012

Dear DryPro,

Recently I Had to have surgery to repair my achilles tendon, which put me in a hard cast for six weeks. Your product was essential during this time allowing me to shower every day as well as continue my swim training. The cover worked flawlessly during the entire time and still looks new. I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful product!


I wanted to send you this very belated thank you for your promptness, care and
professionalism in tending to the problem I was having with my DryPro
PICC Protector.  It came in the mail last week, but I received my
chemo treatment 1/25/12 and I wasn’t up to showering until recently.
I’m happy with the replacement.  Thank you.