“It is woth its weight in gold”

“I cannot say enough about the DryPro boot, both professionally and personally. I used it for two separate surgeries and my friend also used it. It was so fabulous, sturdy, and water-poof. When I was in the rehab unit, the nursing aide would bring all her peers to the shower to show her how wonderful my boot was. “We need that here!” She would exclaim. However, I was there in the shower with only my boot to my name. They didn’t care. All they looked at was the boot.
I loved it because it gave me the freedom that I needed to shower every day for 8 weeks while the cast was one. This is the real deal! Do not get fooled by imitations. The name has changed, but it is the same boot that used to be called XXXXX. It is worth its weight in gold.”

Janet Dobrzyn, RN, MSN


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