Dry Pro saved our vacation!

Dry Pro saved our vacation!  Our 12 year old son Marcus had an ATV accident, which required 17 stitches in his calf three days before we were scheduled to leave on our family vacation to Utah and Colorado.  The doctor’s instructions were to keep the stitches clean and dry – which meant no water activities.  We found your Dry Pro Cast Protector online and decided to give it a try as a wound protector; your representative helped us pick the right product and had it shipped to our home overnight.  Because of Dry Pro our son was able to enjoy all the planned activities of our trip that involved water.  Marcus was able to enjoy beautiful Lake Powell jumping from the back of a boat and  leaping repeatedly from the red rock cliffs surrounding Lake Powell – a definite highlight of the trip for a 12 year old boy!  Marcus was also able to go panning for gold in Colorado, which was an event he had dreamed about for over a year and we thought we might have to cancel because it’s a wet and dirty activity!  He was also able to float in the Great Salt Lake.  None of these activities would have been possible for Marcus to participate in without your Dry Pro Cast/Wound Protector.   The Dry Pro Protector kept Marcus’ wound 100% clean and dry — just as the doctor instructed — without missing any of the water activities of our vacation.

Thanks Dry Pro!

Dawn and Kurt Brinks

DryPro at Lake Powell


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