He says it can only come off after six weeks if it stays dry.”

Once upon a time, 2 weeks before the magical journey (vacation), Princess Bailey fell off her tuffet (the monkey bars) and broke her crown, (her wrist and elbow and arm dislocation). After visiting 2 kingdoms (hospitals) and 3 wizards (orthopedics) they were able to finally put Princess Bailey back together again. Alas, the third wizard was evil and cast a spell on the Princess that would not allow her to frollock in the enchanted waters (the pool) on her journey. All was lost, the Princess thought, as she sat by the pond with a small tear glistening on her cheek, when she noticed a frog (the pharmacist) sitting on a lilly pad (the pharmacy) by the pond. The frog began to speak, “why are you so sad, my Princess”. The Princess replied, “My family is going on a journey to the enchanted waters, and I will not be able to frollock. You see, the wizard has made a cast of black magic which cannot get wet. He says it can only come off after six weeks if it stays dry.” The frog listened closely to the princesses’ tale of woe, and then thought for a moment. “I know just the thing”, the frog replied. “I am a magical frog and if you look under my lilly pad (aisle 2), you will find your answer”. So the Princess did as the frog said and pulled out the most amazing royal blue magic glove (Dry-Pro full arm protector) she had ever seen. She quickly ran back to the castle to tell the king and queen (mom and dad) what she had come upon. Thanks to the frog and the magic glove (Dry-Pro full arm protector) the journey was a success and the evil wizards plot to destroy the Princesses journey was foiled. The Princess was able to enjoy the water with all the other Princesses. Thank you Dry Pro.

Danielle Puckett
DryPro Waterproof Cast


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