DRYPro at the Lake

June 22, 2009

Here’s a photo of my 13 yr old son using his arm cast cover for the first time. We own lake property, and when the prospect of not being to swim because of his cast came up, he was really upset. My mother-in-law uses one of these for her PICC line she has placed for her chemotherapy, so she recommended it to him – we even paid for next day shipping so he could receive it before we went to our lake property last weekend. He was really happy to not have to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else swim, and his cast stayed perfectly dry. Thanks for such a great invention!

Sandy HowardDRYPro at the Lake


Cast Cover is a lifesaver!

June 19, 2009

hi there –
My son has both heels broken this summer – so we’ll have 2 casts.
your cast cover has been a lifesaver for a very active 10 year old.

Here are some pictures for your photo contest! some of them are pretty funny.

How he lands in the pool or he might need a few more DRYPro!

How he lands in the pool or he might need a few more DRYPro!

Summer Photo Contest

June 19, 2009

I wanted to Thank You for such an amazing product. Dry Pro saved our vacation.

Our 6 year old son broke his foot 6 days before we was suppose to leave for vacation to the beach.

We was all devastated that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beach, the sand and the pool.

But, then I found Dry Pro on the internet and read the testimonials of other customers.

That made me a believer and I had to get one for him.

I was able to purchase one at a pharmacy in Hilton Head Island, SC (Burke Pharmacy).

Let me tell you that he was able to do everything that his twin brother and sister was able to do with the cast cover.

As you can see in the pictures I provided, he was able to play in the ocean, play in the sand and swim in the pool.
We had an amazing time.

Thank you again.

Tammie Gongaware

Massillon, Ohio

DryPro Saved our Vacation

DryPro Saved our Vacation

June 15, 2009

Miller's Photo Contest SubmissionWe wanted to thank you for your excellent product and fantastic customer service.  As you know, we ordered the wrong size Dry Pro cast cover.  We were scheduled to depart on our vacation the next morning.  You sent the correct Dry Pro cast cover to our hotel, overnight.  We received the package when we arrived and it was the perfect fit!  This product really does work, my son’s cast stayed dry and you really did save our vacation.  As we were sitting in the doctor’s office, the doctor told Trey that it was very important to keep the cast dry.  As he knew we had planned our vacation during the time he would have his cast on, tears fell from his eyes.  We searched the internet for a product and found your web site.  We were hesitant and not sure if the cover would really work.  After spending three days in and out of the water – body surfing – not a drop of water fell on his cast.

We would recommend this product as it really does work.  Thanks again and we sincerely appreciate your customer service.  PS…. as promised, the cast cover that we measured wrong is on it’s was back.  Thanks again.

Sincerely,  The Millers

Post Surgery Protection

June 3, 2009

Dear Dry Pro,

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful “Waterproof Leg Protector,” and let you know how it has made my life much easier. After major knee surgery, I went home from the hospital with numerous large scars stitched shut, a large, unwieldy knee immobilizer brace, and instructions from my surgeon not the get the knee wet or put any weight on the leg without the brace. This proved to be a big challenge when showering, as garbage bags and tape did not seal water off from my skin, and plastic bags were easily punctured or ripped from the brace. Fortunately I found your product a few days later. It has allowed me to shower with comfort and ease without taking off my brace, and its durable and flexible enough to fit around the brace easily while still keeping my leg waterproof!

I hope you can see from these pictures how well it worked and maybe inform your customers of another useful application for your product. Thanks also for your speedy delivery!



Knee Brace Knee Brace