DRYPro Saves a Hawaii Vacation

May 26, 2009

Dr. Arch,

Thank you so very much! TV aside, I cannot begin to tell you how much the DryPro product meant to our family. I cannot help but smile when I think of the moments we were able to share together with our children in Hawaii- many of which would have never happened without the DryPro cast cover.

Like all parents, nothing is more troubling then watching your children be unhappy or distressed over things that seemingly you can do nothing about. We were certainly feeling that way when she broke her leg- not to mention having to watch her emotions as she was told by the doctor she would not be able to go in the water for 6-8 weeks. Her mom is a swim teacher, we live in California, our vacation was planned around mostly water activities in Hawaii- you do the math. Things were pretty sad around our home for the week leading into our trip.

You may notice from the photos we submitted, she is actually wearing an “arm” cover on her leg. Turns out in my haste to try and find anything that may work; I ordered the wrong size leg cover. Once it arrived and we found it was too small, we called and your customer service folks provided us the list of “local” retailers where we could maybe find one in stock. After a number of calls from the list you provided, we found someone about 30 miles away who had a few options in stock. We made the trip (the morning before we were supposed to leave) and were disappointed that he was sold out of the size we needed for her leg. We were able to exchange our mail ordered leg cover at the local retailer for an arm cover that worked just great!!! I am certain there were people wondering why she looked like she had a thumb sticking out of her foot. J

We cannot thank you enough for the product, service and responsive retailer that made for some of the best of family memories!

My only regret is that there is not enough awareness about your products so that others could benefit.

Should you need any other photos from our “Dry Pro vacation” (yes, that what our kids now call that trip), or any additional information from me please just let me know.


The Martinez Family


Helpful Tips When Using Our Dry Pro Ostomy Protector

May 20, 2009

1. If you have a hernia, it most likely will break the seal.

**If you are just looking for protection from having an accident while swimming or soaking in a hot tub, the Dry Pro will give you that protection.

2. If your scar is sinking in, the Dry Pro will not seal properly.

**Apply your Skin Barrier Sealant Paste to your scar by filling in and building up your scar tissue. This will definitely help you achieve a proper seal with no leaking.

3. If you are using the Dry Pro for swimming, then I recommend using a 6” bag instead of the standard 11” bag. You can however fold your pouch in half.

The most important part of the Dry Pro Ostomy Protector is the 1” going around the pouch on your skin. This is how the Dry Pro seals to your body. If there is anything in the way, or if the 1” of surgical latex is not laying flat on your skin, you will not get a proper seal.

High Volume Pumps to Improve DRYPro® Quality

May 19, 2009

In an effort to continually improve our products and their effectiveness, we’ve designed a new higher volume pump for the DRYPro® cast and bandage protector.  The pumps will allow patients to evacuate the air quicker from even the largest protector.  We’ve also had them specially formulated to be an exact match for our signature “DRYPro® Blue” color.

New DRYPro® Commercial to air 5,000 times

May 19, 2009

A new extended version of the Dry Pro® commercial is airing on national television! The success of last years commercial has us excited about our new one minute version that will air over 5,000 times throughout the United States. It starts off with a splash, with Dr.Arch getting soaked. Be sure to view it on our website starting June 1st View the commercial at http://www.DryCorp.com by clicking on the “As Seen on TV” logo.

DRYPro® PICC Cover Sales Triple over 2008

May 19, 2009

Authorized Dealers for DRYPro® Protectors that have added the PICC line Protectors to their store shelves have seen a dramatic increase in business and new patient referrals. The DRYPro® cast and bandage cover has brought a steady business of customers looking for this essential product. The DRYPro® PICC line protector is no different. It is a unique product that can help many patients.