Welcome to DRYPro’s Blog

This is an open forum for anyone who’s had experience with DRYPro! We’ll hear customer feedback and testimonials, Videos from the adventures of DRYPro man and more! Feel free to post anything related to the Dry Pro Waterproof Body Protection. For more information visit our company website at www.store.drycorp.com


4 Responses to Welcome to DRYPro’s Blog

  1. Todd Svoboda says:

    DryPro is by far, one of the best products I have experienced as a result of a sports injury. After tearing my achilles tendon and wearing a full leg cast, I thought my days of being able to shower/bathe, and be in the water were over for the next 8 months! After wrestling with the old trash bag and tape method, I immediately discovered DryPro! I was so impressed after my first use, that I became a reseller of their products, to offer our patients and existing customers the same freedom that many other DryPro users have experienced already! Nothing else on the market even compares to DryPro!

    Todd Svoboda (US Med Mobility)
    Grand Blanc, Michigan

  2. Michael says:

    I used the DryPro cast cover on my cast. I fractured my 5th metatarsal playing football. I went three weeks without the DryPro. I just got it today and it is awsome. It mekes everything easyer. Bathing, swimming and all other water activites.

    Michael Ettel
    Gainesville, Florida

  3. Karen says:

    Can DryPro be used in a hot tub????

  4. Corey says:

    Yes, the DryPro can be used in a Hot Tub, just remember that you may sweat a little inside the cover because of the heat. The seal will remain and the material is not effected by the heat.

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